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Beacon Solutions – Enhance your mobile marketing strategy.

Footmarks SmartConnect™ beacon platform is an end-to-end proximity solution enabling contextual awareness and new customer Insight Profiles as a service. Add real-time mobile targeting and value creation to your existing mobile app using ibeacon technology.

Read how iBeacon solutions are being deployed in production environments.

Retail & Advertising
Delight Customers with Value and Creativity
Celebrate Audiences Anywhere and Everywhere
Work Place
Drive Productivity and Effectiveness
Partner Enablement
Power your Business Forward
A smart solution for your physical world
  • Discover new customer insights
  • Define and deploy personalized experiences at scale
  • Manage the beacon network across any physical space
  • Select and deploy Footmarks private and secure beacon solution that fit your needs.

  • Build and manage your iBeacon network centrally and receive cutting-edge updates over the air.

  • Connect your iBeacons to the SmartConnect™ Cloud to generate respectful customer experiences and journeys.

  • Leverage the SmartConnect™ Personas and machine learning service for added real time in-store mobile insights.