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Never Wait in Line Again!

Never wait in line again, with Footmarks’ location intelligent software, powered by RFduino: http://ow.ly/xNPOg. Footmarks’ ambient microlocation solution uses secure hardware and a powerful SDK to bring digital intelligence to physical spaces, and enable relevant and real-time personalized customer experiences. With Footmarks’ Coffee Queue App, customers can pre-order and pay for their order in-app. Customers approaching the store passively alert baristas to their proximity, and their orders are prepared. Arriving customers can then bypass order and payment lines and pick up their coffee – hot and ready when they enter. These time-saving experiences and so many more are possible with Footmarks beacons, intuitive management and experience platform, marketing console and configurable SDKs. Write to us at partners@footmarks.com or call us at 1 (800)-558-2556 to learn more. With special thanks to RF Digital and the Lost Bean.  Footmarks: Smarter environments. Happier customers. More informed brands.