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Beacon State of Mind: Dining Out

If there’s anything New Yorkers practice as competitively as the apartment hunt, it’s the sport of restaurant reservations. Beacons could help here too; providing aspiring diners with menus and daily specials as they approach, as well as reservation openings and wait times, and the ability to pay for their meal once they’re done.

Beacons also hold promise for restaurateurs. With POS integration, the technology can also provide new insight to visitor frequency and customers’ order histories, and help restaurants better allocate resources and staff. For City eateries already offering — or soon to offer — in-app preordering for in store pickup, beacons are a logical next step. A handful of restaurants in the city are already experimenting with beacons and mobile payments. These downtown hotspots are driving hungry New Yorkers to their venues through location-based offers, and guaranteed easy payment through self-checkout and digital tabs. (Whether this location-based technology will actually shorten your wait time at Starbucks however, is yet to be seen…).


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