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Beacon State of Mind: Real Estate

Yesterday we highlighted beacon technology’s transformative potential for the City’s sports venues, professional leagues, and events. New York’s favorite sport, however — the apartment hunt — could also be radically improved by beacons.

With the help of a City-wide beacon infrastructure, apartment listings could break free from Craigslist and advertise themselves to passersby on city streets. Beacons could also be deployed indoors by real estate agents and brokers, to highlight timely, location-specific, and personalized content. Prospective home buyers or apartment seekers could be targeted at various stages of the decision cycle with contextual information about anything from community amenities or nearby points of interest, to recommendations for interior decorators or home finishings.

Some real estate marketing services are already experimenting with beacon technology. For example, one particular company imagines “For Sale” signs as beacon-enabled smart signs: upon approach, these signs would trigger elevations, floor plans, and agent contact information to prospective buyers with the company’s app on their mobile device.

As the saying goes in real estate, it’s all about micro-location, micro-location, micro-location.



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