iBeacon-FAQ | Footmarks

iBeacon is a trademark held by Apple, Inc. and is used to describe its Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol.

A proximity technology supported by smartphones and more specifically the iPhone 4s or later, iBeacon has catapulted contextual awareness into the mainstream. Generally, this type of proximity technology is called “beacon technology.” Many still refer to the BLE hardware as “iBeacons” even though it is actually a protocol defining how Apple would like the data packets to be broadcasted from the proximity hardware.

“By 2018, location-based marketing will grow to be a $15.7B industry.” Ad/Week

Even though we are in a rapidly growing industry, it’s important to understand that the technology is still nascent. One of the strengths of BLE is that many consumer devices rely on it to communicate with smartphones, which further embeds the tech into our ever day life. It’s use for marketing must be handled with care and transparency. Being a nascent technology, it will advance and become more mature on all of the platforms including Android and Windows Phone.

This is the location where we will address the latest updates and information as it comes available.